A Little Cookie from Milwaukee - Remembering Larry Penn, Part 1


Larry Penn

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Larry Penn

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Larry Penn was a prolific folk musician/song-writer in the footsteps of folks like Woody Guthrie and Utah Phillips, until his death in October, 2014. Using themes like trains, workers, and powerful, common folks, Larry was inspirational to so very many others, and some of those folks share their stories and Larry's songs in celebration of Larry. In part one of two, we'll visit with Craig Siemsen, Lil' Rev, and Mud River Lee.

All songs in this program are written by Larry Penn, and they are performed by him, unless otherwise noted:
Run, Kate Shelley, Run - from Railroad Queens of the Past
Time to Go - performed by Patty Stevenson & Craig Siemsen
Biff's Riff
Walking Stick- written by Lil' Rev and performed by Lil' Rev & Larry Penn on Around the Campfire
East Chicago Run
Water That's Changed into Wine - performed by Mud River Lee, Sandy Weisto, & Dan Mullen


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Folk music in central Vermont

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I've enjoyed catching your show when it's aired on WGDR here in central Vermont. I host a folk show, Acoustic Harmony and many of the folks you interview are favorites of mine and frequent contributors to my show.

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