Mark Morgan's Song of the Soul


Mark Morgan

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photo of Mark Morgan holding a nail gun for roofing

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Mark is many things - a father, a storyteller, a sustainable living activist - and he's passionate about music. His junior high school choir even recorded 3 records! Probably best known for his work with the MREA, Mark does and teaches sustainable construction with his company, Bearpaw Design & Construction. Raised Lutheran, a stint with Unitarians, he leans toward Native American and Earth-based spirituality.



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So rich and heartwarming

It is so rich and heartwarming to hear a man speak so eloquently and lovingly of his journey to depths and heights of soul, of how he nurtures the souls of his own children, and especially to know that the sons of our time are being raised to look deeper for what is truly important and most real. Mark's choice of music also paints a richly textured picure of a life honoring authentic soul in self and others. Thanks, Mark, for sharing an intriguing glimpse of your life, both movingly reverent and delightfully irreverent, along your way! Suggestion: Have Mark back for Father's Day.

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