Mary Shapiro's 2nd Song of the Soul


Mary Shapiro

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A re-visit with singer/songwriter and activist Mary Shapiro, organizer and host of the Sounds of Hope Concert Series in Washington DC, and niece to the Dominican priest who founded the Friends of God Dominican Ashram.

Unless otherwise noted, the songs featured in this program are by Mary Shapiro:

The Rain
Healing Chant
Amazing Grace by Sweet Honey In the Rock Community Choir
The Time is Now
I Feel Like Going On by Sweet Honey In the Rock Community Choir


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I rank this a 5 out of 5 not

I rank this a 5 out of 5 not because of ME but because of THEE dear Mark. Awesome job on the editing :) Thank you again and again for all YOU do to make "sounds of hope"

What a joy to hear the

What a joy to hear the fruition of Mary's CD and her connections between music and spirituality! I feel so fortunate to know her.

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