Mathematician Mystic - Michelle Lynn's 2nd Song of the Soul


Michelle Lynn

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Michelle Lynn packs more profundity per square inch of her 25 years on this planet than anyone I've every met. With a musical voyage which is an exploration of the mind, body and spirit, Michelle goes deep and universal.

Michelle is aided in her creations by "The Bad Passengers", musicians who help when they can, and also by artists like Kaija Kjome of and Cassie Wyant of

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Michelle Lynn (& the Bad Passengers)::

Align from Sundial Tree
Mathematician Mystic from Sundial Tree
Nowhereness from Without an Outline
Arrive But Never Stay from Without an Outline
Down and In from Without an Outline
Up and Out from Without an Outline
Centers and Limits from Without an Outline



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