Observance of Dead and Injured in Iraq and Afghanistan


Lou Recine
Ann Recine
Mark Judkins Helpsmeet

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Iraq Fallen

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Six years ago today, US forces commenced military operations in Iraq. Following are the names of the 93 fallen soldiers from Wisconsin, from the the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Please take a moment to honor the soldiers and the countless innocent civilians who have suffered in this conflict.

The observance of Wisconsin fallen is brought to you by Voices for Peace Institute and Iraq Moratorium.

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Thoughts for the families

I thought the way the names were read, slow and somberly, really made you think about the fact that theses young people were no longer with us and the sadness their family must be living.

Pause and consider the toll of war

Mark/Lou/Ann: Thanks so much for the idea and the professional job you did in reading the names of the 93 soldiers we've lost in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Listening to each of those names certainly gave all of our listeners a chance to pause and consider the toll of war. Again, it was a privilege to partner with each of you on this. Thanks for the excellent job you did! Your friend in Christ, Mark

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