Occupy the USA - Emma's Revolution


Pat Humphries
Sandy O

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Occupy the USA - Emma's Revolution

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Pat Humphries & Sandy O are Emma's Revolution and they use their music in the service of activism and, as their web site notes, they're "like Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart with guitars". Their latest CD, Revolutions per Minute, chronicals & participates in many of this year's dramatic movements & concerns - like Iraq, Arab Spring, the Wisconsin Uprising & the Occupy Movement. They think and sing powerfully, providing fuel for change we really can believe in!

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Emma's Revolution
Not My War
Stand Together
Better Days
Occupy The USA

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Amazing! So glad I took the time to listen; the wisdom in both their songs and in the talk show were so powerful.

Spirit In Action -Occupy the USA - Emma's Revolution

I didn't really listen to the show. I was visiting the website to see if it was something I would find uplifting. I do not think there is anything compassionate about the Occupy Wall Street protestors. They are not doing anything to help our country. To sing about perceived injustice is a good thing. To damage personal property and block customers from small businesses is not helping matters. To leave any place you have been, worse off than when you arrived, is not a Christian concept. The protestors need to be more creative in their focus. I'm sure most of the protestors have their money in banks. It is hypocritical to continue to protest while you are utilize the banks services. Making a statement with your $ would be more effective than occupy protests. Thank you, Shelly R.

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