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Having heard favorable

Having heard favorable comments and discussions about a few of the quest speakers and their interpolations of world events and circumstances, I find it almost imperative that I take the time to listen, or at least record some of these interviews. Listening over the internet also gives me a viable option to get tuned into what all the positive and sometimes unexpected reactions emanating from certain people is all about. John Powers

Mark, with so much turmoil in

Mark, with so much turmoil in the world now, your work is vital. The world needs millions more who, like you, are dedicated to turning the tide from war and senseless death to peace and security. Cathy Sultan

I love this idea - using

I love this idea - using music to illustrate individual faith journeys. The variety of guests and musical choices is WIDE and amazing. What rich characters we human beings are! Mark, thanks for all the energy you are putting into this radio show. It's a great gift to our community Sarah Bryan

Mark, Thanks for what you are

Mark, Thanks for what you are doing. Your "grassroots" programing is what this country needs more of. You and your work have done much to unite many of us in our efforts to promote peace. Gaylord Oppegard

Mark has a gift for drawing

Mark has a gift for drawing out the spritual underpinnings of an individual's good work in the world. What a wonderful thing for those interviewed to be invited and challenged to articulate that connection! What a blessing for those who listen to hear the many ways Spirit works in the world! Anonymous

Northern Spirit Radio

Northern Spirit Radio provides in-depth, thoughtful perspectives on issues that matter to me, including the Iraq occupation, a sustainable Wisconsin, inclusiveness of all our people regardless of sexual orientation, and political and social justice. I find guests to be committed and courageous in their desire for a better future. Bravo to this relevant source of perspective. Crispin

What a beautiful,

What a beautiful, inspirational website and thank you for making available all the wonderful recorded radio programs. Sue Gagliardi

This is a great resourse and,

This is a great resourse and, I am sure, a lot of work. I will pass this on to Friends and friends. It took some computer savy beyond my own to be able to play the programs but now I will visit again. Dick Dubielzig

Mark -- My husband Frank and

Mark -- My husband Frank and I just finished listening to excerpts from several of your shows and we were fascinated. It is wonderful to hear folks speaking from their hearts about following leadings of the spirit -- so different from much of what one hears on radio. I wish that we could hear your show regularly. Phyllis Berentsen

I have been listening to

I have been listening to various Song of the Soul and Spirit in Action programs in the past few days, it is just what I needed! I love getting insight and inspiration from well-known people doing things I would have a hard time doing, and also from people who are more like me--it's a great balance. Now my list of things to read and people to get to know is even longer than before. THANKS! Leah

Hello, I have left you a

Hello, I have left you a message on your voice mail, but I thought I would give you a better understanding of what we can do together in this email. I have a book, that is not for sale, that I should read to people about how each one of us need to be taught how we all can "fix" the problems we have currently. The way we fix these problems is with a different set of rules from our Maker, God. What I teach has nothing to do with religion. When we all realize that in America there are over 190 religions, just try to imagine "anyone" trying to make sense of 190 versions of what God has said to them. There is a simple answer to what we need to do, and that is what I would teach. I would like to speak with someone on the phone about that. What I would be teaching is not taught anywhere. One of the things I teach people to do is demonstrate to themselves they are a miracle from God, and I can prove that. Thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking with you. George Grogan (951) 679-1875 wms_grogan@yahoo.com

Mark, I've listened to just

Mark, I've listened to just two of your programs: Ruthie Rosauer and Sara Bryan. I enjoyed them both immensely. Very impressed with your concept, guests, conversation, music. Have you thought of distributing the program more widely? I think it's national quality. Sharon Knopp

Thank You Mark for sharing

Thank You Mark for sharing your gifts in an inspiring way with sincerity, depth, and authenticity. Each program I am gifted to hear is a valued experience of gentleness, strength and joy. You inspire your listeners and guests to further explore the wonders in our hearts and lives. To stretch, receive, love and grow in our ways of living. And thank you to the past, present, and future guests as they share their authentic selves. Julie Schmitt

This was very good, Mark. I

This was very good, Mark. I liked what you had to say, particularly in bringing up the point about those who marry without intention of procreating. I had not thought of that. Well thought out, and well spoken. Annabella Wood

I found your podcasts looking

I found your podcasts looking for other podcasts after much enjoying Speaking of Faith for the last month or so. I have already recommended you to friends - including Delle McCormick, current exec. director of Borderlinks. We have quite a few activist communities here in Tucson - some faith-based. The Sanctuary Movement started here in 1983 with John Fife (Presbyterian), Ricardo Elford (Catholic) and Jim Corbett (Quaker). I got into it in the later years after the 1986 trial until 1992 - when the peace accords were signed. And at sometime you would want to talk to Rick Ufford-Chase - sanctuary volunteer, founder of Borderlinks, youngest ever Moderator of the Presbyterian USA General Assembly, director of Pres. Peace Fellowship is leaving Tucson with his Quaker wife Kitty to go to Stony Point Center. You can read about it: http://www.stonypointcenter.org/ He wants to start an ecumenical peace order - had a general meeting to talk about it last week. I am enjoying the older episodes of both podcasts. Keep up the good work! Susan

Rejoice Jesus is here on

Rejoice Jesus is here on Earth, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, in Australia. You Tube site is subscriber site @ Michelle Nye. Pamela Johnson

Thanks, Mark for the

Thanks, Mark for the interview. I very much enjoyed being on "Song of the Soul" and appreciated your well thought out questions. Great show! Dennis Warner

Hi Mark, Could you tell me

Hi Mark, Could you tell me which cd has the version of Cris Williamson's "Song of the Soul," with the lovely choir singing the chorus? Thanks, Kristen Hannum

Dear Mark, Thank you so much

Dear Mark, Thank you so much for the information. I just bought the song, and it's the one (I think) from "The Essential Cris Williamson." A dear friend of my son's - a girl who lived with us for a while, and who is a sparkling and loving presence in the world - just lost her mother, and they used the song with a montage of photos. http://blip.tv/file/1005286 I'd never heard the song; it's lovely. You did well to use its name for your show. I subscribed to your show through it, and enjoyed listening. Be well, Kristen Hannum

I think your 7/20/08

I think your 7/20/08 interview of Steve Chase is very beautiful. In the midst of my current work with a group of folks planning a peace event, the Steve Chase's thoughts are stimulating, refreshing, and inspiring! Thank you for doing this interview! Lou Recine

Quaker Quotes - George Fox's Breakthrough

This is the first I've heard, so can't rate anything. But I'm grateful for your doing this. I believe I got more out of hearing this quote than I ever did from reading it. Ramona Hussey

Essay & Thoughts - Observance of Dead and Injured in Iraq and Af

Mark/Lou/Ann: Thanks so much for the idea and the professional job you did in reading the names of the 93 soldiers we've lost in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Listening to each of those names certainly gave all of our listeners a chance to pause and consider the toll of war. Again, it was a privilege to partner with each of you on this. Thanks for the excellent job you did! Your friend in Christ, Mark Halvorsen

Essay & Thoughts - A Cover to Match the Book

Great essay, Mark. I also feel there is something more in a name. We can either pick a new name or look in a different manner at the one we have. My last name is Schaefer. It means shepherd. I have been examining this name for years. My daughter is an artist and drew a picture of a shepherd with sheep and with calligraphy wrote SCHAEFER under the picture. It means very much to me on many levels. My confirmation name is James. I actually took it because the bishop who confirmed me was named James and we shared a birthday. Perhaps a shallow reason but the spirit has guides me to hold the name James in the Light and discern that the author of James wrote about social justice and righteousness. Thanks for all you do. Ken Schaefer

Essay & Thoughts - Free From Hell

Wow. just Wow. Do you even believe in Jesus? Your article assumes second guessing the Lord, do you know how dangerous this is? Especially if the unsaved take your point of view seriously. The main reason most people who follow Jesus "get it" ,(meaning what the Bible means in scripture) is through the Holy Spirit, who gives us discernment. The Lord loves completely, and he has a completely opposite plan for those who reject him. You cannot attempt to understand the Lords' plan/intentions in human terms- far from it. We live by faith and trust in Him, regardless of our human reservations. Allow yourself to trust COMPLETELY in the Lord. It will Indeed set you free. The Spirit does seem to be within you my brother. Using your secular "rationalism" will always send you in the right direction. Choose which promises to believe? Wow. I'll seriously ask the Spirit to speak with you my friend. Lawrence Felipe

WOW!!! Where do I start??????

WOW!!! Where do I start?????? I finally got the kinks worked out and began to download your podcasts and I just can't get enough!! It is blackberry picking season here in the Northwest and I have loved picking with Marcus Borg!!!! Mark, you asked so many of the questions I would have wanted to ask him!! And then I went to Rwanda and had my heart filled, remembering Florence who talked to North Pacific Yearly Meeting about HROC last summer. I could go on and on. Then, of course there is Song of the Soul.....I DID wonder what had ever happened to Claudia Schmidt! Now I know! I had heard a few of Susan Werner's songs before and always wondered about her. And I am learning about so many others....thank you for this rich, deep work you are doing and for enabling me to add so much to my daily tasks!!! Can't wait to hear more and more..... Thank you, thank you Nancy Ewert

Essay & Thoughts - Free From Hell

Dear Lawrence Felipe The U. S. A. is a free country last I knew ...that would mean freedom of or from religion. It is not right that you impose your religious views here. I for one thought "Free from Hell" was a Great read and quite true.

Essay & Thoughts - Free From Hell

I'll toss my 2-cents-worth here in about Lawrence's comments - I appreciate the feedback. While I don't expect that Lawrence will agree with me, I can provide ample evidence of my statements. One of statements that Lawrence apparently ignored, is that the Bible contains statements on both sides. In other words, in some places it implies that NO ONE will go to hell, and in other places (more popular for hell-fire and damnation oriently preachers) it definitely refers to people going to hell. The Bible is NOT of one mind on this issue. There's a lot more to be said, but the essay was limited to 800 words, for my local paper. If you want a full, thoughtful, careful treatment of the topic, read Gulley & Mulholland's books, "If Grace is True" and "If God is Love" - my comments are a weak echo of what they have to say. And I thank you again, Lawrence Felip, for your comments, and I promise to be as faithful to God's Word as I am able. Mark Helpsmeet

Quaker Quotes - George Fox's Breakthrough

I would not want to rate your show, as I have only listened this time; however, i applaud the intent of your program. Through this medium you may touch many that we in the clergy do not reach in the church. Catherine Hix

Hey, Mark-- It's GREAT to see

Hey, Mark-- It's GREAT to see how far a reach Northern Spirit Radio has these days! I have some serious catching up to do, looking over the number of topics covered and people interviewed. Blessings, Liz Opp(enheimer) - thegoodraisedup.blogspot.com

Just discovered your programs

Just discovered your programs, mission and voice of Light and healing. After being raised in a wonderful pearl of great price. J Sanders

I've listened to this

I've listened to this broadcast a number of times gaining insight about the artist and the music he creates. The program is peaceful and offers a perspective that enlightens my soul and heightens my sensitivity to other avenues of spirituality. Pamela

Mark, I have been SO enjoying

Mark, I have been SO enjoying the many CD's of your shows...they are inspiring me and feeding my soul! Thank you and bless you in your work...Cynthia Drake

Great interview and inspiring

Great interview and inspiring music! Authenticity is one of the most important messages and examples of our times. Elizabeth De Sa

Quaker Quotes - George Fox's Breakthrough

Thank you, thank you for these words that so speak to my heart. It is so comforting to hear a man speak the Truth I have found. I will look for this book now. Okay, so looking a little further I see that this program is produced by a Quaker faith group. I have been wondering where if anywhere there is for me to belong that would support this very private path I am on. Perhaps, the Quaker friends are just whom I have been looking for as a supportive community. Blessings, Debra Clemente

Your programs really are such

Your programs really are such a welcome relief from all the hyperbole and bickering and anger so prevalent on TV and talk radio; the courtesy, civility, and calmness you put forth is very much appreciated. Carolyn Hammerschmidt

Hi Mark, I love your show and

Hi Mark, I love your show and live in Iowa. My wife and I would love to hear music or attend a festival with the same type of music from artists like John Denver, James Taylor and Peter Gabriel. Do you have any suggestions for artists or festivals in the Midwest this year? Many Blessings, Craig Groeh

Thank you for producing such

Thank you for producing such a wonderful radio show. Your choice of music and guests finds me just where I am and lightens my load. Continue the good work! Mary Volmer

Your programs are so

Your programs are so important, and they allow a person to really think while listening, thanks to the respectful and calm way you interview your guests, and I've discovered music I might not have heard any other way. Chuck Fager's interview is still my favorite and most listened to, and it was a bit of a surprise to learn that the military academy he said he attended in Hays, Kansas just happens to be where my Dad and all his brothers went to high school and is in my home town - small world! Looking forward to seeing the new website and also seeing you on Facebook - you can count on me to share your site among my Facebook friends. Carolyn Hammerschmidt


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