A Peace of My Mind - Fostering a Larger Public Conversation


John Noltner

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A Peace of My Mind - Fostering a Larger Public Conversation

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John Noltner is photographer and author of a new book, A Peace of my Mind: Exploring the meaning of peace, one story at a time, a captivating inquiry into how common folks - and some not-so-common folks - think about peace. It attempts to bring diverse, sincere, voices into a big tent, to do the work of listening for possibilities.

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I am listening to the radio

I am listening to the radio program again this morning (sorry it has taken me a few days) and I feel like you turned it into one of the best interviews I have ever been a part of. I am trying to put my finger on it....but I think you asked great questions and then left me the time and the space to feel like I could answer fully. I am grateful. Thank you Mark, for the work that you do....for reaching out to me...and for spending time producing a great program.

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