Peter Alsop's Song of the Soul, PART TWO


Peter Alsop

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Peter Alsop has produced dozens of recordings over the past few decades, specializing in "Children's Music" - often aimed equally at adults - for more than 20 years. He's an educational psychologist, a motivational speaker, recipient of awards for Best Children's Album, a dad, and a deep, serious and humorous songwriter.

This program is done in two parts because of the wealth of music that Peter brought to his Song of the Soul, too much to be absorbed in just one hour!

All of the songs in this Song of the Soul are recorded by Peter Alsop:

New Ground
Gotta Lotta Livin'
My Father's Top Drawer
Kill The Children
Chickens for Peace
Kids Peace Song
Costume Party
The Night Before Hanukkah


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Mark it was nice to read your

Mark it was nice to read your news letter and listen to you and Peter Alsop immediately after vis via the www! As much as technology has divided us I do believe it brings us together spiritually with greater ease and the ability to cut through the chaffe. My five year old child came into the room while peace chickens were a cluckin and let out a burst of laughter at the same time understanding the message! Thank you both for inspiring him. Thank you both for renewing my spirit and hope in mankind that we do indeed some day park the evil tools we do posess and make it a better world for our children to live in. There are to many distractions that can lead us from that path of light and levity. I welcome those gifts along the way that keep us from falling off the edge. Keep your "spirit alive and strong my friend" the world needs you more than ever! -Blessing, Scott Dizack-

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