Philosophy of War and Nonviolence - Robert Holmes


Robert Holmes

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Philosophy of War and Nonviolence - Robert Holmes

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Dr Robert Holmes is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Rochester in NY, with a specialty in peace and nonviolence who has taught, written and spoken extensively on related topics.

His publications include articles like "Pacifism and Weapons of Mass Destruction" and "St. Augustine and the Just War Theory" and he's written several texts including Basic Moral Philosophy and Nonviolence in Theory and Practice. Most notable for our listeners of his books might be On War and Morality.


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A clear and dispassionate

A clear and dispassionate explication of our country's most pressing moral problem. The disharmony between our placing a high value on the life of our warriors, and a low value on the life of the civilians in whose country we fight corrodes the identity of who we are. To accept this disjoint we must pretend we are pursuing peace and justice. Neither our politicians nor our religious leaders directly address the corrosive influence on our individual lives. The most telling, and the saddest example of our unwillingness to see the impact of what we are doing is the plight of the predator operators. They go home to pick up their life after spending a day or night killing souls on the other side of the earth. They are unaware of the toll on the identity of the self that their actions are taking. As the miners in the asbestos mines, they work to live and do not have the time or awareness to reflect. Some people make good hangmen. Look at Mr. Cheney, or Mr. Rumsfeld, but most humans are not good hangmen. Over time, the result of their actions will make them unable to look at that person in the mirror of who they have become.

to quote another prestigous

to quote another prestigous philosopher: GGrrrrreatt ! (Tony the Tiger) wonderful show mark. i'm going to see if i can't get it a plug in VOP (voice of the people)

WW2....well of course it was

WW2....well of course it was an unnecessary war.... the legacy of appauling mistakes, and immoral decisions made by preceeding governments, but, "Germany was (by) then governed by an ultra-rightist, homicidal, paranoid maniac who had begun by demolishing democracy in Germany itself, who believed that his fellow countrymen were a superior race, and who attributed all the evils in the world to a Jewish conspiracy"(CH) Now, with respect, please ANSWER the question, Bob Holmes.

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