Pointing at the Sun


Cheryl Wheeler

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Cheryl Wheeler does music and life her own way - openly, honestly, and comfortably - and the result is a lot of stunning music and messages. Her songs have been covered by folks like Peter, Paul & Mary, Garth Brooks, and even Bette Midler, a testament to real quality, appealing across the musical spectrum.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Cheryl Wheeler::
Pointing At the Sun
75 Septembers
If It Were Up to Me
White Cat
Howl At the Moon
Music In My Room

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I became acquainted with

I became acquainted with Cheryl's music over 20 years ago when I was a folk DJ. The first song I heard of hers was "Summerfly" which really blew me away! I have always loved her wide emotional range as she can be so funny on one song and the next song have you in tears. There is a lot of wisdom in her words and voice. As a singer/songwriter myself, I had the opportunity to open for her at a concert here in town. (Charlottesville, VA at Starr Hill Music Hall) We shared a very small backstage room and I felt very self conscious about talking to her about her music. Instead, I remember we talked about the importance of exercise and baseball. At the time I was playing snare drum in a pipes & drum band and I invited two of the guys on bagpipes to join me. I remember being embarrassed when they knocked on the backstage door looking for me. I didn't know how Cheryl would react to them dressed in their kilts and wanting me to practice with them. I mean, how are two bagpipe players going to practice in that small room? I said that I would meet them later and closed the door and Cheryl said, "poor guys!' (meaning no place to practice) I thought it was nice of her to care and later she came out to watch my set. She said she really enjoyed it. It sure was a nice to remember.

PS I meant to say that I

PS I meant to say that I loved hearing this program. It was really inspiring. I think I will go try to write a song now.

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