Sandy McKinney's Song of the Soul


Sandy McKinney

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A visit with Sandy McKinney, spiritual leader at Unity Christ Center in Eau Claire

Sandy's Song of the Soul includes the following music:

Children of the Revolution   T-Rex
Summertime   Randy Sabien
Circle Of Life   Elton John
Why Me Lord   Elvis Presley
House   Elton John
Hare Krishna   Savasana
Dancing With Kokopelli   Peter Phippen
Primitive Fire   Olatunji
On Holy Ground   Barbara Streisand
Daystar   Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir


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I enjoyed recently

I enjoyed recently discovering this site, and am glad to reconnect with the rich culture of the Eau Claire community that I left so long ago. I can see that the deeper discussions are still happening. I especially enjoyed Mark's interview with Sandy McKinney, on "Song of the Soul"

Really fun to listen to

Really fun to listen to almost 10 years later.

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