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Scott Beck

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photo of Scott Beck, who has long hair and a moustache

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Scott Beck has been in a wide assortment of bands since high school, from folk to rock to blues and cycling back, now to acoustic guitar. Raised Catholic, disaffected from religion for many years, he's now found a spiritual home with enough heart and wide enough walls to include his beliefs in New Thought churches.

All the songs in this program are performed by Scott Beck:

Guardian Angel
Dancing With Angels
I've Seen the Light
The Spirit In You and I
Let Your Light Shine


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Best interview ever done

Mark ~ This is the best interview anyone has done with me. From the thoughtful questions to the way the songs are worked into the commentary, to the whole flow of the session, I felt relaxed and at ease, and when listening it felt like two old friends catching up after years of not being in touch. Thank you for doing what you do to shine more light into this world. I look forward to listening to some of the other interviews in your archives

Nice to go deep with the artists

It's nice to go deep with the Artist's. This is a nice addition to New Thought information on the internet.Scott, you bring a true and honest gift to New Thought Music. Thank you for being you and Thank you for your gift of music Namaste

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