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Mandy Breeze

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Mandy Breeze

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Mandy Breeze and Doug Kelly take traditional folk tunes, mostly, and transform them into vibrant, living stories and culture. With rich, beautiful vocals and creative, engaging instrumentals, you'll discover a love for traditional songs with modern impact.

All the songs in this program are performed by Mandy Breeze & Doug Kelly, and, unless otherwise noted, they are of traditional origins:

Little Fishy - from Simple Folk
Wee Weaver - from Simple Folk
Liverpool Lullaby - from Riddles & Rhymes & Lullaby Times
Ballad of Jim Jones - from Simple Folk
False Knight on the Road - from Common Dreams
Invisible Indivisible - from Common Dreams, written by Kavisha Mazzella


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Mandy Breeze

My Best Friend Ever from our days in Western Australia eons ago....because of commitments, time and distance we spend very little time together now, so loved listening........Mandy gave me one of my first guitars....... did all my early composing on it (still have it) play ukulele when I busk or perform elsewhere.......still composing but Mandy and her gift to me of friendship and a guitar knows no bounds.......she is one funtastic, talented lady.

Did us proud

Oh Mandy. That was beautiful. Well done. I love that last number Invisible Indivisible. You did us all proud.

Perform live here!

Very good. Your voice is beautiful. I would really like to come and see you and Doug perform live sometime somewhere in this part of the world!


Goosebumps....tears....! Thank you Mandy Liora & Doug!

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