Simple, Soulful, Sacred Singing - Milwaukee Friends Meeting


Jim Schacht
Don Pardee
Andrea Jehly
Sally Durgerian
Kay Augustine
Jennifer Dahlquist

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sign in front of Milwaukee Friends Meetinghouse

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While traditional Quaker worship, based on silence, has no scheduled singing as part of worship, Quakers are among the singing-est and dancing-est of folks around. Don Pardee did a simple recording of 6 folks from Milwaukee Friends Meeting singing a sampling of songs they share Sunday mornings before worship. Jim Schacht, Don Pardee, & Andrea Jehly share about the music they made, along with Sally Durgerian, Kay Augustine, and Jennifer Dahlquist.

You can get the full CD of 17 songs from Jim Schacht by contacting Northern Spirit Radio

All songs are performed by Jim Schacht, Don Pardee, Andrea Jehly, Sally Durgerian, Kay Augustine, and Jennifer Dahlquist.

Selected by Jim Schacht
Dear Lord & Father of Mankind
God of Grace and God of Glory
Breathe on Me Breath of God
Lo How A Rose E'er Blooming

Selected by Don Pardee
Give Yourself to Love - by Kate Wolf
The George Fox Song - by Sidney Carter
For the Beauty of the Earth

Selected by Andrea Jehly
Lone Wild Bird
Great is Thy Faithfulness
Blessed Quietness


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Thanks for sharing this. I'd

Thanks for sharing this. I'd expected to just enjoy the singing, but the talk about singing, listening, dancing and joy is equally wonderful.

Just listened to this

Just listened to this wonderful programme from Northern Spirit Radio about the Quaker singing at the Milwauke Friends Meeting. Thank you to the singers and to Mark, who hosts the programme. Now, how do I buy the CD?

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