Spirit In The Digital Age: Quakers & Technology


Madeline Schaefer
Martin Kelley
Stephen Dotson
Chris Pifer
Aaron Crosman

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Spirit In The Digital Age: Quakers & Technology

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In this episode, Spirit in the Digital Age, producer Madeline Schaefer takes a look at the role of technology in spirituality and, specifically, with Quakers. Included are interviews with Martin Kelley about QuakerQuaker.org and the convergent Friends movement; Stephen Dotson and Facebook; Chris Pifer and Aaron Crosman on what makes a Quaker website, "Quaker"; and the diary of a one week "Technology Fast."

Madeline Schaefer produces a series, Friend Speaks My Mind, out of Philadelphia.

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Hi Mark, I was showing Bruce

Hi Mark, I was showing Bruce Elstad your site and how to download for the radio program on KLOI that we continue to air weekly. Keep up the good work. Nice to see you have something on the Occupy Movement.

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