Spirited Tribe


Ingrid Lakey
Jonathan Snipes

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Tribe1 is a growing, morphing, evolving, group of musicians, orchestrated by Niyonu Spann, who express their testimony and aspirations for the world through the songs they co-create - it's a pretty special process! Jonathan Snipes & Ingrid Lakey, 2 of about 10 members of the group, share their soul journey with Tribe1.

All the songs in this program are performed by Tribe1:
As Peace - from Waymaker (written with an audience of 4th graders)
Gon Lay - from Waymaker
Weave Your Web - live performance by Jonathan Snipes & Ingrid Lakey (will be on the up-coming CD)
I Am Looking - live by Ingrid Lakey & Jonathan Snipes, also on Waymaker
If the War Goes On - not yet unreleased
Evolution Come - from One



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So glad I caught this program

So glad I caught this program! I love Tribe 1 and had the good fortune to be able to sing with them briefly while I was in Philadelphia in 2005-06. Niyonu Spann's welcoming spirit and open heart was such a gift to me, and, as Ingrid and Johnathan said, her ability to tune in and listen - and to change plans on the spot, out of her intuitive listening! - cultivates in the group an exciting experience of walking in faith all the time. I miss Tribe 1 immensely, not living in Philly now, and am grateful for this interview and program!

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