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Steve Deasy has a wealth of musical experience, both instrumental & vocal, but only began writing songs relatively recently. He got some top honors at the Kerrville Folk Festival this year. His latest release is the fruit of a deepening spiritual engagement with Quakerism and issues of peace & justice.

All the songs in this program are written and performed by Steve Deasy:

People Once Were Welcome Here   Deasy
I'm Working for Walmart   Deasy
Let Me Make Peace   Deasy/Dore
John Woolman   Deasy
Easter Song   Deasy/Dore
Whiskey Drinkin' Preacher   Cannon/Shamblin



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Hi Mark, I just listened to

Hi Mark, I just listened to your wonderful interview with Steve Deasy. He is an incredibly talented individual. I am glad that you interviewed him, so that more people can hear his music...and learn the stories behind it. Peace and blessings to you and yours, Karyn Goff

Thanks for a very enjoyable

Thanks for a very enjoyable show. Steve Deasy is a thoughtful and talented song writer.

I am so glad to see to hear

I am so glad to see to hear music of this Quality on the radio. Good job Mark, in finding Steve Deasy. Wonderful music Steve Deasy.

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