Strangely Wrapped Gift - Red Grammer's Song of the Soul


Red Grammer

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Red Grammer holding acoustic guitar and smiling at camera

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Red Grammer, while known especially for his children's/family music, also caters to adult listeners. Mixed with an irrepressible inner child is his spirit-deep Baha'i adult, bebopping and crooning, all approaches leading to joy, joy, joy. His beautiful voice, speaking through great lyrics, will lead you in celestial, exuberant, pathways.

All the songs in this program are performed by Red Grammer:

Joy, Joy, Joy On Sound Cloud
If It Be Thy Pleasure Baha'i prayer
Strangely Wrapped Gift Soul Man In A Techno World
See Me Beautiful from Teaching Peace
Refresh and Gladden My Spirit Baha'i prayer
One Family from Freefalling

BONUS EXCERPT SONG: Listen To Your Heart - from Bebop Your Best


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Holy singer Mark! I don't

Holy singer Mark! I don't know where we got our copy of Teaching Peace, probably some Friend or another. Our kids grew up on that cassette and then in my nursing career when I took care of a physically handicapped child from 5 months to 3 years old. She and I listened frequently, and I sang along when the house was empty. I haven't looked at his web site yet, but I sure will.

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