Strength for the Stuggle


Joseph Ellwanger

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Joseph Ellwanger

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There are struggles continuing within our country on so many fronts, often invisible to those in power or even in comfortable conditions, but badly in need of a cadre of those to faithfully walk with the beleaguered and afflicted. Joe Ellwanger's memoir, Strength for the Struggle: Insights from the Civil Rights Movement and Urban Ministry, talks of the many ways he and those around him have entered into those struggles, from working alongside Martin Luther King, Jr, to equality from women and gays, to walking supportively alongside immigrants and those who've been incarcerated. Full of devotion, and walking humbly, Joseph Ellwanger gives glimpses into the nitty-gritty of bringing about the Peaceable Kingdom.

Joe has been active with St Paul Lutheran Church in Birmingham, AlabamaCross Lutheran Church in MilwaukeeHephatha Lutheran ChurchMICAH - Milwaukee Inner-city Congregations Allied for Hope and the state-level organization, WISDOM.

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Rev Joe Elwanger inspired me

Rev Joe Elwanger inspired me to "fan the flame" of my social justice pilot light back in 2007. I know he inspires many. His stories give us a rich history of the Civil Rights movement.

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