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Darrell Smith

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Darrell Smith

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Darrell Smith's day job is with Purple Cow Organics, which tells you something significant about one of Darrell's passions, and in his other hours he plays with Embedded Reporter and The Pardee Boys, using his skillful voice and fiddle.

Music selected for Darrell Smith's Song of the Soul::
I Will Fly - written & performed by Johnsmith
Ready for Memphis - written by Neal and Leandra, performed by The Pardee Boys on Live at the Perk
Farmer’s Market Reel - performed by The Pardee Boys on Live at the Perk, original tune is Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre
Jenn and Anthony’s - written by Sprag Session, performed solo by Darrell Smith
Bygone Days - written by Eileen Eivers, performed solo by Darrell Smith
Pehlin - written by Howard Lewis, performed by Embedded Reporter
Timshel - written by Mumford and Sons, performed by The Pardee Boys on Live at the Perk


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