Tar Sands vs Spirit Bear - Fighting the Northern Gateway Pipeline


Jim Backus
Elizabeth Shopes
Ta'Kaiya Blaney

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Tar Sands vs Spirit Bear

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One of the multiple pipelines proposed to carry tar sands out of Canada is the Northern Gateway Pipeline. It would go through North America's only remaining temperate rain forest and a refuge with exceptional and threatened wildlife, including the Spirit Bear. Jim Backus shares his photos of the animals and the region (watch slideshow), while Elizabeth Shope, International Advocate of the NRDC, explains the situation, and 11-year old First Nations member, Ta'Kaiya Blaney, provides crucial perspective in word & song. Watch Ta'Kaiya Blaney speak & sing against the Northern Gateway Pipeline project.

More perspective & info at StopTar.org, and Elizabeth's NRDC Tar Sands blog, and on NRDC's Biogems.org.


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