Theatre for Transformation - Black History on Stage


Amanda Kemp
Dave Eversole
Vanessa Ballard
Mary Ferrell

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Theatre for Transformation

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  Theatre for Transformation is drama designed to open eyes and instigate change. With a cast that is mostly black, their productions often touch on the history and present of USA's racism, seeking to reclaim history so it can be dealt with and its consequences resolved.  
Interview with writer/producer Dr. Amanda Kemp, director Dave Eversole, and cast members Vanessa Ballard and Mary Ferrell.

Clips included from the intro to Show Me the Franklins! Remembering the Ancestors, Slavery and Benjamin Franklin and from Sister Friend Jam Session performed by Vanessa Ballard, Dr. Amanda Kemp, and Deborah Billups.

Other Theatre for Transformation productions include Hoodwinked and The Sweeter the Berry.



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I found myself laughing and

I found myself laughing and listening intently to the artists interviewed. Obviously a close knit group. Great Questions, Mark.

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