Tom Neilson's Song of the Soul - Part 3


Tom Neilson

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Tom Neilson has been making folk music for a few decades now, combining his passion for music with his desire to make a positive difference in the world. His music confronts the problems of the world, but it also embraces the farm folk he grew up with, the nurture of family, and laughs at the funny things in the world. Tom is Methodist born and has been Quaker for the past couple decades.

All of the songs are by Tom Neilson, featured on the recordings listed below:

Boogers from Root Beer Makes Me Burp
Only Outlaws Will Be Free from Only Outlaws Will Be Free
Nothing Like A War from Only Outlaws Will Be Free
No Business Like War Business
from Only Outlaws Will Be Free
Fighting Whities
from Only Outlaws Will Be Free
You Cannot Have A War & Tell The Truth
from Fools No More
from Fools No More
Quarter Century On
from Living On The Maximum Wage


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