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Joe Reilly

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Joe Reilly

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Joe Reilly is a singer, a songwriter, an environmental educator, and a man on a spiritual quest. His spirit journey has taken him from Catholic to Native American to Buddhist and back to Catholic, all the while deeply connected to the Earth.

NOTE: Photo of Joe Reilly by Mary Kerney

All the songs in this program are performed by Joe Reilly

The River   from Planting Gardens
Infinite Hearts   from Planting Gardens
Planting Gardens   from Planting Gardens
I Love Nature   from Children of the Earth
Tree Meditation   from Touch the Earth



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I am at work; but was able to

I am at work; but was able to hear most of the interview. both Joe and the interviewer were very good. I have to let it be known, though, that Joe Reilly is my nephew. and i am familiar with much of his music. Joe was able to put into words and music his life journey.

Joe Reilly is a dear young

Joe Reilly is a dear young man with an old soul and a brave heart. Wise beyond his years. God, please make multiple copies of Joe. We need more like him.

I'd had a long day and

I'd had a long day and enjoyed hearing songs that allowed me to feel connected to the earth, spirit, myself and life! Ended my day with a joyful, peace in my soul. Thank you for featuring Joe Reilly's wonderful music and gentle way of teaching.

I thoroughly enjoyed

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this inspiring young musician, peacemaker and activist. Joe's music lifts my soul! Thank you, thank you Mark for creating a platform for connection, community, love and hope.

Joe Reilly is a phenomenal

Joe Reilly is a phenomenal artist with music in a variety of genre's. His songs always touch my soul. Thank you for inviting him to your show and sharing his talent and heart with others.

Was nice to listen to- mellow

Was nice to listen to- mellow and interesting. liked the way the interview was done.

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