Treehouse Living, Stars Are Singing - Joanne Rand, Part 1


Joanne Rand

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photo of Joanne Rand lying in the green leaves

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Joanne Rand overcame her shyness because of her need to sing people together in care for the Earth. Having lived way off the grid, in a tree house, she's walked the walk, from growing up in Georgia to parenthood in Northern California, where she listens to the song of the stars.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Joanne Rand, unless otherwise noted:

Maid of Constant Sorrow from Snake Oil & Hummingbirds, traditional song
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from Where Our Power Lies
Letting the Cat Die from The Monkey Puzzle, performed by Joanne Rand & The Little Big Band, written by Jordan Rand
Musical Cities from Grant Me Eyes performed by Joanne Rand, written by Jordan Rand
Streets Today from Snake Oil & Hummingbirds
Amazing Grace from Into the River, traditional song

BONUS EXCERPT: Squaw Rock - from Snake Oil & Hummingbirds


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