Turning Toward the Morning - Gordon Bok's Song of the Soul


Gordon Bok

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photo of Gordon Bok smiling and seated with his guitar on his lap

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Gordon Bok is one of the greats of folk music, with many songs coming from the sea, or the edge of the sea, where he lives. He delivers them with a depth and a resonance that echos deep in the soul. With 22 of his own recordings, plus collaborations with Ann Muir, Ed Trickett, Cindy Kallet, among others, Gordon Bok has created and passed on an immense wealth of balladry and inspiration.

All the songs in this program are performed by Gordon Bok:

Bold Reynolds from Other Eyes
Herring Croon - The Last Verse from Other Eyes
Oystershell Road from Gordon Bok In Concert
Sarabande's Story from Other Eyes
The Seals from Other Eyes
Turning Toward the Morning from First Fifteen Years Vol I and Turning Toward the Morning by Bok, Muir, and Trickett



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And songs by Valentine and

And songs by Valentine and Mary, lovely. Nice to hear a bit of your history.

Have a listen to this man

Have a listen to this man sing and share his stories--it will be time well spent. I had the privelege of doing 3 joint concerts with Gordon and one of the things he rearely did was talk about himself, so it was great to hear some of his fascinating background. During my days as a folk musician I met a lot of people, but none finer than Gordon Bok. A gentleman to both people and the earth.

Hello Mark-- I had the

Hello Mark-- I had the privelege of doing three joint concerts with Gordon and the one thing he rarely did during our time together was talk about himself. So it was wonderful to hear a bit about his past and the things that have contibuted to making him the man he is today. I have met a lot of people in my travels as a folk musician, but none finer than Gordon Bok.

Listening to this interview

Listening to this interview was a wonderful treat, Gordon. As well as hearing your own story, I was touched by your mother’s story of building the children’s chapel. A quick search on the web lead me to the Vesper Hill Children’s Chapel and some lovely photographs – it looks very peaceful. In reading her dedication, it is obvious where your gift of words came from. Thank you for sharing your gift of music and for always setting the good example. I hope to one of these days be able to purchase one of your woodcarvings.

I have loved Gordon Bok's

I have loved Gordon Bok's music for years, and it's a delight to hear him talk of his family and life's experience, his caring for the environment, and his beliefs. Good to hear him laugh, too, after the seriousness of his songs. Thank you very much for putting this program on the internet!

Hello, I just found your site

Hello, I just found your site and am anxious to explore it all. I followed a links that began at the Positive Music Association. I just listened to this brief part of George Fox's journal and heard a man tell my own story. I am on a mission to understand other peoples faith and share my own. I was very excited to see you actually use the words "Divine Love" on your site. I have very personal experiences with "Divine Love" and in fact have recorded a year of my awakening to this voice in a manuscript I am seeking to publish. The reason I am writing you is that I am seeking to share these words with others as I am told I am to do. I would love to share a pdf of my manuscript with you if you express interest. If you do choose to read, wonderful. I don't know if you are a Quaker yourself but I have researched the group and often feel I am a Friend at heart. I'm a fine art painter who is awakening to a greater connection with the universe everyday. Listen Here, I’m Talking to You, is a completed 167, 287 word manuscript journaling a year of my awakening to the voice of Love. I used to have to guard my thoughts; now my thoughts guard and guide me. It’s like I have a life coach in my head, but the wisdom is from a whole different source than my brain. Part of me speaks with a voice expressing what I think and wonder about and the other speaks with a confidence that makes firm statements of this is how it is. I hear things and know things that my mind cannot yet wrap around. My head is hearing what my heart knows. Move over brain, you get in my way. This is a different way of being. Cordially, Debra Clemente www.artistdeb.com artistdeb@gmail.com

What an amazing singer,

What an amazing singer, songwriter, and most of all story-teller. Thanks for this interview.

what joy to hear Gordon Bok

what joy to hear Gordon Bok sing Song of the Soul and Turning toward the Morning, or whatever it's called! I have always loved his voice. Thanks, dear one, for making this afternoon so rich. By the way, he talks about his travels with Valentine Doyle. I just saw her recently at Hartford Quarterly Meeting. I met her in my former life when I was on the trail of grant money. She manages some kind of family foundation. You should track her down and send her this link. Who knows, maybe she'd like to make a donation.

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