Under a Shining Owl Moon


Bruce O'Brien

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Bruce O'Brien

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One of the best companions you could have at a protest, around a campfire or in a song circle is Bruce O'Brien. With his banjo and guitar (and sometimes mandolin or even violin), Bruce is completely in his element holding his ground or under a shining owl moon.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Catholic, Quaker

Unless otherwise noted, all the songs in this program are written & performed by Bruce O'Brien:

Tending the Fire 
Rock Island 
Owl Moon 
In My Family's House 
Love is in the Middle - written & sung by Emma Rhein O'Brien
Hold Your Ground 
Even As the Star - written by Rosalie Wahl
Angel of Love

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Thanks for the invitation!

Mark, this sounds great (except some of my live singing - through no fault of yours!). Thanks for taking the time to do this! Bruce

Love is in the Middle - cassette tape!

Greetings. I have an older vehicle that has a factory installed Bose sound system. I found your cassette at a library sale. I'm going through a tough time right now and your delightful recordings have helped me immensely! The recordings sound great played through the Bose system even though the cassette is old. Beautiful voices, fantastic harmonies, stellar instrumentals, gorgeous songs - who could ask for more? Thank you for your efforts and these awesome songs!

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