Voices United


Jerry Hui
David Huber

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Jerry Hui is an amazing choral director, both composing and bringing out of singers intricate & moving performances. Jerry is Director of Choral Activities at UW-Stout, and directs a number of other groups, including Schola Cantorum of Eau Claire. Growing up in Hong Kong, headed for a livelihood working with computers, Jerry found magic in music, and unity in choir.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:
Buddhism, Non-affiliated 

Featured Music:
Tempus - performed by UW-Stout Chamber Choir, written by Stephen Chatman
How Can I Keep From Singing/Amazing Grace - performed by UW-Stout Symphonic Singers & Chamber Choir
BONUS: Tristis Est Anima Mea - performed by Schola Cantorum, written by Agostino Agazzare
Regina Caeli & Regina Caeli a 8 - performed by Schola Cantorum, Gregorian chant & written by Francisco Guerrero
Voices of Peace - performed by The Menomonie Singers, writen by Robert Kyr
Silent Night - performed by UW-Stout Symphonic Singers and Chamber Choir, written by Jerry Hui
Lamentatio Tertia: Prima Diei - performed by Schola Cantorum, written by Orlando di Lasso



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