Walter Craft's Song of the Soul


Walter Craft

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photo of Walter Craft wearing a checked flannel shirt, lots of buttons, and a big smile through his bushy beard

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Walter Craft has been performing music for well over 40 years now, and he proudly shares his motto on his web site - Born in the southern USA into an extended family and community with strong - and varying - religious views, he found the need to step back, gather information, and come up with his own views. He is passionate about music that reaches for the heart - and center - of things.

Songs included in this program:

Lights of the City by Walter Craft



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Well, it's the best Song Of

Well, it's the best Song Of The Soul I've heard anyway, being the first and only. I Googled "Walter Craft" and your URL was second on the list. Congratulations. Thanks for a well-produced, interesting program. I'll find Walter now, one way or another. Peace On Earth ~ JBW

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