Wellness Shack of Eau Claire Benefit


Poppy Moelter, Troy Jackson, Savannah Rhae, Nora Bates

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Mental Health

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The Wellness Shack is a consumer-run non-profit organization for adults with mental illness, working to educate the public about mental illness and to eliminate some of the misperceptions and stigma with mental illness through self-education, socialization, and accepting yourself. The October 12th, 2007 benefit featured music performed by Poppy Moelter & Troy Jackson, and poetry written by Savannah Rhae & Nora Bates.

The Wellness Shack is at 515 S Barstow St, Suite 117 in Eau Claire and their phone is 715-855-7705.

Music shared in this program is by Poppy Moelter:
Healing Days
White Pine
Water's Changing


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