What You Put Down Now


Niyonu Spann

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Niyonu Spann

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Niyonu Spann is the leader of Tribe1, a Philadelphia group singing for peace and unity. Niyonu is used to wrestling with the deep things, walking carefully through the tender places, and bravely going to the scary territory where the fainter hearts just faint. In addition to her moving, soulful, questioning music, Niyonu leads workshops called Beyond Diversity 101. And more. Find Tribe1's music on Bandcamp.

Featured music (all written by Niyonu Spann):
What You Put Down Now - by Niyonu & Diane Spann
The Saddest Thing - by Tribe1 from Waymaker
Be My Friend - by Tribe1 from Waymaker
Same Ol' Thing - by Niyonu Spann
Sit Down With Me - by Niyonu Spann


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Thank you very much for the

Thank you very much for the program with Niyounu Span. It's so rewarding to hear such an in-depth and enriching conversation with a great role model.

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