The Whole-Brain Path to Peace - James Olson


James Olson

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James Olson is the author of The Whole-Brain Path to Peace about the role of left and right brain dominance in the polarization and reunification of America. It's an investigation into the effects of brain perspective on government, corporate life, war, and our personal lives. James Olson is a management-trained philosopher with studies in business, engineering, art, eastern and western religion, yoga, qigong, neuro-linguistic programming, philosophy and brain perspective. Plus, he's a former farmer & church deacon.

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All The World Is One - Peter Mayer
We Are Not Alone - John McCutcheon


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The common left brain/right

The common left brain/right brain theories may or may not be true, but there's no doubt that basing our thoughts, words and actions on love rather than fear is a great idea. I'm a bit doubtful that women are less dualistic, less fearful or less judgmental. Science has not proven that consciousness is confined to the brain. I've heard of a different distinction that I like, which is body mind/spirit mind. The body mind is focused on the survival of our physical body, which has an element of fear. It sees us as separate and could also be called our ego. The spirit mind is focused on our unity with everyone, which is where love comes from. Our thought, words and actions that come from love, come from the part of us that is divine, which cannot be confined to a part of our physical body. When we look at things from the point of view of unity and divinity of all, love is very logical. My logical mind sees that war is stupid and doesn't help much in the long run, but my nondual mind says that even though war has killed many bodies and produced a lot of physical and emotional pain, no one has ever killed a soul. We leave this world as intact as we enter it. Great show anyway.

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