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Jim Stoltz

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Jim Stoltz

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A visit the music of Walkin' Jim Stoltz, who died last year, guided by, Leslie Stoltz, who was his wife, and John Gatchell, Conservation Director of the Montana Wilderness Association. Jim was co-founder of MUSE (Musicians United for a Sustainable Environment) and innumerable other organizations & efforts to preserve the wild places.  
All the songs in this program are performed by Walkin' Jim Stoltz
Forever Wild   from Spirit Is Still on the Run/Forever Wild
The River Calls   from Little Piece of Time
Song for Rachel   from Little Piece of Time
Power in the Earth   from The Vision
River Runnin' Through It   from Listen to the Earth
Come Walk With Me   from Kid for the Wild



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Very nice interview and great

Very nice interview and great music selections. Walkin Jim was a personal hero and this show did him justice.

I thoroughly enjoyed the

I thoroughly enjoyed the interview program on the songs of Jim Stoltz. He was a friend and a guardian of the wild.

Mark, Thank you for a

Mark, Thank you for a spectacular show that truly explored the depth and breadth of Walkin Jim's life and work. Great choice to have Leslie and John as guests. Jim Stoltz leaves a world of fans and friends dedicating time and efforts to keep his work and music alive. Through MUSE (Musicians United to Sustain the Environment, www.musemusic.org) we will do our best to continue his vision for future generations and For the Wild. Your shows are an inspiring tonic! Blessing and best, Joyce Rouse, AKA Earth Mama

Didn't get to listen to the

Didn't get to listen to the complete program, but will return to finish listening. Thank you for your program, and you were referred to us by a friend in Missoula.

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