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Doug Kelly

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Doug Kelly

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Consider the names of Doug Kelly's bands over the past 35 years: Tansey's Fancy, Churinga, Sirocco, and Simple Folk, and you've got to suspect that there's something different going on here. Australian-based, Doug plays passionately and provocatively on a wide array of instruments from around the world, wedding traditional forms and tunes to evolving creativity.

All the songs in this program are performed by Doug Kelly and his friends:

Aque Serven - from Tansey's Fancy
Blantyre Explosion - from Tansey's Fancy
Pravo Trajisko - from Churinga
Rant Part 1 - from Sirocco
River - from Sirocco
Scarborough Fayre - from Simple Folk

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Trippy recording of Scarborough Fair

What a fantastic interview and choice of songs! Aeolani and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Loved the particularly trippy recording of Scarborough Fair at the end!

Tribal Medieval Prog Rock Sound

I understand that Sirocco's albums are rather difficult to find these days... but "Rant Part 1" is such a hypnotic, addictive piece of music! It's amazing! You seem to have accomplished a fusion of many global influences to form something of a tribal, medieval prog rock sound. :-) Well done!

Way to go

Fantastic - way to go xx

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