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photo of Yata and Jean in concert

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Yata is a musician with tremendous talents and deep spirit, delighting in collaboration with other artists, including Bryce BlackTimothy Young, Dave Ja Vue, and his wife, water-colorist Jean Accola. Yata is Lutheran, past and present, with a special fondness for the writings of Lao Tzu in the Dao De Jing.

All the songs in this program are written and performed by Yata:

Wisconsin Waltz   from Boy With A Pail
Boy With A Pail   from Boy With A Pail
Valley Spirit   from Spirit of the Raven
River   from Sheer Caffeine
The Man With The Blue Guitar   from Spirit of the Raven
Sidetracked   from Spirit of the Raven
Mississippi River Chant   from Snow Has Fallen
Dancing Days Are Gone   from Mad as the Mist and Snow



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Dear Mark, I just listened to

Dear Mark, I just listened to our interview for the first time. It was wonderful talking with you and searching the soul ... using the gifts of music and friendship. I will tell others about your program. Thank you for sharing your talents. Peace and Music, Yata

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