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American Hunger 8/20/2017

Liam Robinson & Jean Rohe largely birthed their Hunger EP at the Crosshatch Center for Art & Ecology in Bellaire, Michigan, and a creative threshold was crossed into the duo called Robinson & Rohe.

Climate Apocalyse, Messaging, & Pets 8/13/2017

Guest-host Peterson Toscano of Citizens Climate Radio explores climate apocalypse, fear, & how to deliver the message effectively, in the first part of today's program, and in part two he'll talk about pets & climate change. Peterson speaks with Halldor Björnsson, the Head of the Atmospheric Research Group at Veðurstofa Iceland also known as the Icelandic Met Office, Dr.

The Red Road (to Nashville?) 8/13/2017

Bill Miller is a 3-time Grammy Awards winner, a Mohican Indian from Northern Wisconsin, and a Nashville-based singer-songwritter of incredible & diverse musical talents. He'll be the headliner at LaCrosse, WI's Great River Folk Festival Sunday afternoon concert, August 27, 2017.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical Christian, Native American

Healing Vets 8/6/2017

Kevin Basl served served 2 tours of duty in Iraq and was profoundly changed by the experience. He is among the vets who use the arts for healing. Kevin's work is with Warrior Writers, Combat Paper NJ, and through his music, some of which he recorded in Iraq during his 2nd tour.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Hope & Change Rise Again 8/6/2017

Annie Patterson & Peter Blood support hope & change through their world-famous group singing books, Rise Up Singing and Rise Again. For close to 40 years they have been nurturing & leading group singing.

Buying Humanity's Future 7/30/2017

Pamela Haines calls us to a right relationship with finance. With a BA in Social Ecology, MA in Labor & Women's History, and as a self-taught economist, she looks to the future & seeks to foster integrity. She was lead author of Toward a Right Relationship with Finance.

Citizens Climate Radio Ep 14 Apocalypse Now? 7/24/2017

Recently some climate communication experts have been freaking out about freaking out. In reaction to a New York Magazine article, The Uninhabitable World, by David Wallace-Wells, a big debate is raging about fear tactics when talking about climate change. We look at the different sides and some of the social science around fear and rhetoric. Joining host, Peterson Toscano, is Halldor Björnsson, the Head of the Atmospheric Research Group at Veðurstofa Iceland also known as the Icelandic Met Office.

Paul Tinkerhess Ann Arbor's Banjo-toting Shoemaker 7/23/2017

In the hours when Paul Tinkerhess is not repairing Birkenstock footwear for the people of Ann Arbor, he finds other ways to nurture his town - by organizing the Water Hill Music Fest, by keeping winter sidewalks walkable with Snow Buddy, and by sharing his banjo-playing and song-writing talents generously in the cause of community. A CD of the live music from this interview will be available for sale at NorthernSpiritRadio.org, the only current source of Paul's music!

Rupert Isaacson Autism, Horses, & Shamanic Healing 7/23/2017

Rupert Isaacson, thanks to his journalist skills, his passion for justice, and his unstoppable heart-of-a-father, has opened up the lives of tens of thousands of autistic children to healing.

Pete Seeger's Generations of Music 7/16/2017

Part 3 of musicians who performed with & whose music was grown by Pete Seeger.


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