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Roger Anderson's Song of the Soul

Roger Anderson is a former English teacher and long-time professional musician teaching guitar, bass, banjo and other instruments. Folk music is his preferred music, a form that well-expresses the non-mainstream values he's come to hold as an adult. Raised Lutheran, he tends to think of himself as non-religious.


photo of Ruthie Rosauer
Ruthie Rosauer's Song of the Soul

Ruthie Rosauer is a member of Eau Claire's Unitarian Universalist Congregation and, among other things, is an enthusiastic singer, including her passion for meditative singing. Her spiritual path has including visits to Taizé, an international, ecumenical community in southern France, and to Findhorn Community in Scotland.


Anathoth Farm
Barb Kass of Anathoth Farm

Spirit in action will be visiting today with Barb Kass who is a member and founder of the Anathoth Community Farm, an itentional community based on non-violence, sustainability and community, located in Luck, Wisconsin. Barb has traveled a long and varied spiritual path, being raised Catholic, active with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in college, attending seminary in Chicago, working with Catholic Worker communities, and currently attending a progressive small-town Luthern Church.

Book "Eyes Wide Open" on display.
Eyes Wide Open

A visit to the Eyes Wide Open display - The human cost of the War in Iraq. Interviews with 3 visitors and organizers of the display.

photo of Eric Nielsen, pastor
Eric Nielsen's Song of the Soul

Interview and music with Eric Nielsen, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Eau Claire. Eric Nielsen's Song of the Soul includes lots of chorale music, given his long interest and participation in this and other forms of music. Eric is both the minister and member of the choir at his church, a somewhat unusual pairing to juggle.

logo for Saint Francis food pantry
Michelle Gribble - St Frances Food Pantry

Talk with Michelle Gribble, United Methodist, Executive Director of St Frances Food Pantry, On Site Supervisor for The Community Table and board member of the Feed My People Food Bank

photo of Sandy McKinney smiling
Sandy McKinney's Song of the Soul

A visit with Sandy McKinney, spiritual leader at Unity Christ Center in Eau Claire. 

logo for Quaker Earthcare Witness
Quaker Earthcare Witness

A visit with Ruah Swennerfelt and Louis Cox about their role with Quaker Earthcare Witness, the paths that led them to lives of earth & spiritual activism, their lives "off the grid" in Vermont ... and much more.

Interviewed July 8th, 2005 at the Friends General Conference gathering held at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia

Art Lyons
Art Lyons' Song of the Soul

Art Lyons, UW-EC student services staff, raised Catholic, but long-time Buddhist seeker, shares the music of his spiritual beliefs.

Jane Truscott's Song of the Soul

Jane Truscott, member of the First Baptist Church of Eau Claire, talks about her faith in Jesus, her travels from Australia to the USA, and the experience of her and her female partner.



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