Cool Solutions shares stories about people and communities protecting our climate from the bottom up.  During this time when our federal government is moving backwards, it is critical that grassroots climate action go forward. Our goal is to inform, empower, and inspire by sharing the stories of successful projects around the country.

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Riding into the Future: Macon's pop up bike lanes lead to change

Volunteers in Macon, GA put up 5 miles of protected bike lanes on city streets that gave residents a new vision of what streets could be and convinced a naysaying county engineer. The Result? Permanent bike lanes.

Rising Green from the Ashes: Wildfire victims rebuild carbon zero homes

A local energy agency in California helps wildfire victims rebuild solar all electric homes. We hear one family's story and learn why zero carbon saves more than it costs. Along the way we meet energy efficient appliances, talk with a researchers about indoor air pollution from gas stoves, and encounter the ghost of Ronald Reagan.  

Clean Rides for Kids: Electric school buses hit the road, possibly heading your way

Diesel exhaust is bad for child and planetary health, but change is on the way. Twin Rivers Unified School District is one of the first school districts in the country to run electric school buses.  We talk with their transportation director and meet the people transforming the nation's biggest public transit program:  a former diesel salesman now CEO of an electric bus company, community activists, clean air officials, a guy called the Electric School Bus Evangelist, and more.

Batteries Save the Day

Meet people from three communities which chose solar farms with batteries instead of power plants;  for cleaner air, lower electric bills, and resiliency to extreme weather. 

Scraps to Riches: Community Composting

Small entrepreneurs across the country are making a living and strengthening local food systems by composting food waste locally.  We get down to the nitty gritty with three community composters, a soil scientist and composting advocates about the benefits of diverting food from landfills.

The Animals' Day Off

School cafeterias across the country are sowing healthier futures by serving more plant based meals. Obesity rates, greenhouse gas emissions and even costs go down. And kids come home asking for kale.  We talk with food service directors, a registered dietician, and sustainable food advocates about eating healthier for people and the planet. 

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