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Many Campgrounds
The Beloved Community Includes Many Campgrounds

"The Beloved Community includes many campgrounds. We Friends can help the stranger find a place to call home, perhaps with us or perhaps with others."

Introduction by Mary Klein to the Sept/Oct issue of Western Friend "On Home".


On Politics
Wisdom Beneath, Wisdom Above: On Politics

"This “wisdom from above,” which today Friends typically call “the Light,” is a power to see the truth of our reality, to distinguish good from evil.

Our Light directs us to continually reexamine the memories and experiences that comprise our sense of reality – to question whether they are demonstrable facts or merely self-serving assumptions."

Editorial comments by Mary Klein from the July/August issue of Western Friend on Politics.


On Competition
Who Are We Winning For: On Competition

"So it doesn’t just matter if we win, it also matters who we are winning for. And it matters which games we’re willing to play." Just one tidbit from the overview by editor Mary Klein to the Jan/Feb issue of Western Friend "On Competition".

Water Is Sacred - On The Ground At Standing Rock

Myron Buchholz shares his on-the-ground experience at Standing Rock.

Christmas Tree
A Perfectly Imperfect Christmas

Pastor David Huber shares his take on the true meaning of Christmas: Presence, not Presents.

Bill Nye & Ken Ham
On Evolution

Pastor David Huber reflects on the 2014 debate over evolution between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, and discusses the relationship between science and faith.

Paris Conference
On Climate Change and the Earth's Stewardship

Pastor David Huber reflects on the recent Paris Climate Conference, and what it means for our obligation to be stewards of the Earth.

Leaving a Legacy
Leaving a Legacy

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

by Sandy McKinney, Unity Christ Center, Eau Claire

Season of the Heart
Season of the Heart

Awakening to the birth in consciousness of the Christ spirit in us.

By Sandy McKinney, Unity Christ Center, Eau Claire

The Israel in Your Jacob
A Cover to Match the Book: Finding the Israel in Your Jacob

After Jacob wrestled with God, he came away with a new identity and a new name - Israel. The practice of choosing a name to match your spirit and calling is mostly neglected in American mainstream society, yet it is another important opportunity for truth-telling. We think of choosing a name as the simple filling in of a legal document but the repercussions are far reaching. The family names we take and pass down are a remnant of the days when men owned their women and children and slaves - is it time to think more deliberately about the names we take and live with?


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