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The Israel in Your Jacob
A Cover to Match the Book: Finding the Israel in Your Jacob

After Jacob wrestled with God, he came away with a new identity and a new name - Israel. The practice of choosing a name to match your spirit and calling is mostly neglected in American mainstream society, yet it is another important opportunity for truth-telling. We think of choosing a name as the simple filling in of a legal document but the repercussions are far reaching. The family names we take and pass down are a remnant of the days when men owned their women and children and slaves - is it time to think more deliberately about the names we take and live with?

Iraq Fallen
Observance of Dead and Injured in Iraq and Afghanistan

Six years ago today, US forces commenced military operations in Iraq. Following are the names of the 93 fallen soldiers from Wisconsin, from the the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Please take a moment to honor the soldiers and the countless innocent civilians who have suffered in this conflict.

The observance of Wisconsin fallen is brought to you by Voices for Peace Institute and Iraq Moratorium.

Free From Hell

Could the God of Love create a system which condemns the majority of humanity to Hell? Universalism, i.e., the belief in Universal Salvation, says no, and I agree.

From West Point to Quakerism
From West Point to Quakerism by Mike Heller

This is an excerpt from Pendle Hill Pamphlet 389: From West Point to Quakerism, by Mike Heller, narrated by Mark Helpsmeet, with music by Mathilda Navias.

Vote Your Values
Vote Your Values, A Spiritual Exercise

Comparing how our Federal Income Tax is spent versus how we want it to be spent can be a deep spiritual lesson. Published as a "Matter of Faith" clergy column in the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram on September 13, 2008.

Scales of Justice
Making Eternal Judgements - Slavery, Sexism, Homophobia

Looking at the "obvious evil" of the past to help distinguish the evil we're doing now.

Speaking ONLY Truth
Speaking ONLY the Truth

Reaction to truth speaking in the context of Worship, Oaths, and Public Office.

'Tis the Gift to be Simple

How much is enough - and how much is too much?

May we look upon our treasures and the furniture of our houses and the garments in which we array ourselves and try whether the seeds of war have any nourishment in these our possessions, or not. 18th Century Quaker John Woolman

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. - Matthew 19:24

And one more quote: More is better!!! - Spoken daily by the Great American Dream

What God Has Joined - One Man, One Woman?

Reflections on proposed legislation defining marriage as "one man, one woman". What is kind, good and necessary - and what is God's will?


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