Brief commentary on today's issues with the benefit of historical context. Myron Buchholz taught high school history for 34, hoping to inspire informed citizens with a real grasp of the facts and our options. Myron's activism extends well beyond the classroom and into the streets and the halls of government. 

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Why Teach History?
Why Teach History?

Myron Buchholz worked as a history teacher for 34 years - why? What does this work accomplish?

Any Good Wars?
Any Good Wars?

People lose track of essential facts of history about war, and Myron Buchholz sets us straight!

Campaign Finance
Dollars Should Not Vote

Myron shares his views on campaign finance, and the role of unlimited money in our (really?) democratic process.

Minimum Wage
Does the Minimum Wage Work?

What does the minimum wage do to help us? Has it worked, historically? Myron has the facts.


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