Each week, Spirit In Action brings you stories of people living lives of fruitful service, of peace, community, compassion, creative action and progressive efforts. We will trace the spiritual roots that support and nourish them in their service. Above all, we will seek out Light, Love and Helping Hands, being shared between our many neighbors on this planet, hoping to inspire and encourage you to sink deep roots and produce sacred fruit in your own life.

Spirit In Action is an hour of interviews with those providing leadership in peace, justice and "good works", interspersed with relevant music. The theme music is "The Turning of the World" performed by Sara Thomsen (written by Ruth Pellham)

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logo for Love Makes a Family
Bonnie Tinker - Love Makes A Family

Bonnie Tinker has been an equality activist most of her life, with a special calling to work for the rights of gay and lesbian families. She has spearheaded many initiatives including Love Makes A Family, an organization which supports non-traditional parents and children and seeks to protect their rights, gay or straight. The daughter of a Methodist preacher turned Quaker, Bonnie has Spirit at the heart of her work.

book cover
Birth and Midwifery with Ina May Gaskin, author of Spiritual Midwifery

Ina May Gaskin is an internationally recognized leader in advocating for Spiritual Midwifery. She is also an author, activist and advocate whose spiritual insights and empowerment have been part of the incredible exploration which is The Farm, the spiritual-based intentional community in Tennessee, founded in the early 1970's.

photo of Chante Wolf in her miliatry uniform and carrying a rifle
Chante Wolf - Veterans for Peace

Chante Wolf spent 12 years in the military, leaving on her birthday in 1992, meaning that she was part of the first Gulf War. Back then she was called Sharon Haller, thought of herself as a Republican, and nearly killed someone who messed with her gun.

logo for Northern Thunder showing a weather vane
Michelle Balas - Northern Thunder

Michelle Balas has served for about 10 years with an organization here, in the Chippewa Valley, called Northern Thunder, an environmental and social activist organization, serving on their board for the last 6 years, in addition to years spent as co-producer of TV Notion for the local public access cable channel, and years working on the issue of urban sprawl.

photo of Maralene Strom
Maralene Strom - Adventures In Living

Maralene Strom is many things - a writer, speaker, caregiver, healer, storyteller, photographer - and more. Sharing from her own experiences of growth and loss, she finds ways to help others forward on their journey. She writes a column called "Adventures In Living" for the Dunn County News and is in the midst of writing three books, the earliest expected for this fall.

logo for Conscientious Objectors
World War 2 Conscientious Objectors

WW2 was a "popular war" and it so it took greater conviction to be a conscientious objector to that war. We have the privilege of talking to 2 of the surviving CO's of that war, George Watson, 91 years old, and Jack Phillips, now 86. Their experience in confronting the draft and in serving in the Civilian Public Service had a profound effect on the remainding 60+ years of their lives.

diagram of kidney
Patti See/Kidney Donations

Patti See is an ordinary person who took an extraordinary "leap of faith" by becoming a Good Samaritan kidney donor last year. Growing up Catholic, but attending church infrequently at present, she has nonetheless nurtured a deep spiritual life.

poster reads, "Support the troops: bring them home!"
Todd Dennis and Veterans for Peace

Todd Dennis served in the US Navy on an nuclear submarine from 1997-2003, experiencing a major shift in his world view during that time. Though he was in the military, he found himself wanting to join anti-war protesters when the US attacked Iraq in 2003, and he joined Veterans for Peace once back in the Chippewa Valley.

photo of earth flag
Earth Day 2006 Organizers

A visit with the 3 primary organizers for the 2006 Earth Day Celebration in Owen Park.

poster reads, "Support the troops: bring them home!"
Tom Chisholm of Veterans for Peace

Tom Chisholm served in the military on and off over 45 years, as a medic and a doctor. For most of that time he found himself opposed to all of the wars and military invasions the USA was part of. He's been a long-time member ofVeterans for Peace and is a member of the Catholic peace group, Pax Christi, as well.

Tom has also valued his service on a reservation in South Dakota, and his volunteer time as a doctor in Nicaragua.


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