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America's Troubadour, Larry Long

Larry Long
Larry Long

Larry Long is the kind of great musician who brings musicians together, hence his collaborations known as the American Roots Revue. Studs Terkel called Larry America's Troubadour. With flavors of folk, soul, blues, rock, and Native American music, and as a deeply passionate activist, Larry helps transport hearts and create programs like Elders' Wisdom Children's Song.

The Red Road (to Nashville?)

Bill Miller

Bill Miller is a 3-time Grammy Awards winner, a Mohican Indian from Northern Wisconsin, and a Nashville-based singer-songwritter of incredible & diverse musical talents. He'll be the headliner at LaCrosse, WI's Great River Folk Festival Sunday afternoon concert, August 27, 2017.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical Christian, Native American

Trans Dude in NC

Liam Hooper
Liam Hooper

North Carolina in 2017 is surely not the most welcoming place for a trans guy, yet it's where Liam Hooper is doing the work he's called to do. As Minister of Welcome & Beyond at Parkway UCC, Winston Salem, NC, Liam delivers a message of inclusion and strength to government, institutions, and individuals all around the state, rabble-rousing, preaching, and lecturing to make a difference.

A Need for Poverty

Sister Confianza del Senor
Sister Alegria del Senor
Amigas del Senor

What led Prairie Cutting (now Sister Confianza del Señor) & Beth Blodgett (now Sister Alegria del Señor) to leave the USA & create the Methodist-Quaker Amigas del Señor Monastery in Honduras? One key motivation was a calling to lead a life of poverty, explained in an article in Western Friend called Overcoming Need.


With Tarzan, Jesus, & Jim

Jan Krist
Jan Krist

Jan Krist creates stunning songs of the human condition, sometimes with deep pathos, sometimes with a wry eye, always with superb lyrics and voice. She often takes the stage solo, but also commonly with Jim Bizer, and sometimes with the Yellow Room Gang.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Baptist, Evangelical Christian, Lutheran, Quaker

Poet Laureate & Eggplant Heroes

Max Garland
Eggplant Heroes

Max Garland is a professional backslider, was Wisconsin's Poet Laureate 2013-2015, and makes music as part of Eggplant Heroes. With deep roots in Western Kentucky and a 'lover's quarrel' with the religion of his childhood, Max retired recently from teaching in the UW-EC English Dept.. Look for the bonus song & excerpts!

Barreling Down a One Lane Bridge

A.L. Williams
A.L. Williams

A.L. Williams leads Milwaukee's One Lane Bridge and broadcasts his music Friday night ever 5 weeks on Riverwest Radio. Enjoy some creative themes, diverse music styles, and stanch advocacy of cooperative local music.

All the songs in this program are written A.L. Williams & performed by his group, One Lane Bridge:


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