Black Civil Rights Movement

Ep 9 Rebel or Advocate featuring Eileen Flanagan

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So much protesting, marching, and disruption happening these days. What are the best ways to get governments to address pollution and the effects of global warming? Eileen Flanagan, a writer, a social change teacher, a Quaker, and an activist, chats with host, Peterson Toscano about the four different roles people have traditionally taken in change movements. Are you a rebel, an advocate, an organizer, or a helper? Maybe a little bit of each. How do these models apply to organizations. Amani Thurman, a college student who has spent time protesting but has begun to do volunteer lobbying weighs in. You will also hear under-reported good news happening with American Conservatives and climate change.

Eileen Flanagan
Amani Thurman
Melissa Tier
Donald Zepeda

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Monday, February 27, 2017
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