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Scientists Talking About Spirit (Science & Spirituality, Part 2)

Derek Gingerich
Matt Jewell
Doug Matthews

Talks with 3 science profs at UW-EC about their intersection with spirituality. Matt Jewell, Derek Gingerich, and Doug Matthews bring their experience with spirit face-to-face with their knowledge of Materials Science, Biology, and Behavioral Neuroscience, respectively. See the article about the interview linked via the CVPost

Ozark Timber

Carolyn Carter
Carolyn Carter

Living well off the beaten path in hillbilly shack in the Ozark Mountains, Carolyn Carter has been singing for her supper as long as she can remember. With a voice that is soft and wild, 100% Arkansas, Carolyn plays the listener's heart strings while stumming those of her guitar. Inspired by church music and folks like Joan Baez and Emmylou Harris, Carolyn is gifted and passes on the gift through her wonderful songs.

Greg Farley's Song of the Soul

Greg Farley
Greg holding his electric guitar, and looking off to his left

Greg Farley started learning guitar around 10, and came back to it after several other instruments. Raised Catholic, he sought a better fitting spiritual home, studied with Jehovah's Witnesses, eventually settling, more-or-less, in charismatic Christian circles. His Song of the Soul is comprised of original compositions by Greg, from his new CD called For All To See.

Greg can be contacted at (715) 839-0135 or emailed at about his CD or to arrange a performance by him and his band, PS150

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