Roaring for a Revolution

Erika Kulnys
Erika Kulnys

Erika Kulnys is out to change the world, sometimes by tackling the "big issues", but also by inspiring the listener to heal themselves and therefore get out of the way of change. Operating from Nova Scotia, and with an enchanting voice, piercing lyrics, and great instrumentation, Erika takes the heart and soul flying into a better future.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Anglican, Earth-based Spirituality, Non-affiliated, Buddhist, Women-Centered Spirituality, Eastern

We're All In Heaven

Sarah Vos
Sarah Vos

Sarah Vos is a founder and lead vocalist of Dead Horses. With poise, depth, and beauty, she and the band take listeners on a sensuous and soulful glide through layers of experience and meaning. With language that is evocative and comforting, Sarah welcomes you into a piece of heaven. They appeared at the Great River Folk Festival in LaCrosse, WI, August 27, 2016.

Activism Meets Mysticism

James O'Dea
James O'Dea

James O'Dea's latest book is The Conscious Activist: Where Activism Meets Mysticism, and he stands as an expert with a foot solidly in each camp. In addition to his 10 years as director of Amnesty International's Washington office, James has been President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and CEO of the Seva Foundation. He is also lead faculty for the Shift Network's Peace Ambassador Training.

Musical Mystic - Rahbi Crawford's Song of the Soul

Rahbi Crawford
photo of Rahbi Crawford sitting surrounded by 8 crystal bowls

Rahbi Crawford does amazing music with a unique focus, stimulating the energy & health of our chakras and the system they are part of. With crystal bowls, wood flutes, wooden frogs and more, Rahbi follows an intuitive muse on a mystical, musical, journey. From Catholic, to born-again Christian, to chakra adept, Rahbi shows us new possibilities.

Emerging Consciousness and Economics - Said Dawlabani

Said Dawlabani
photo of Said Dawlabani

MEMEnomics: The Next-generation Economics System by Said Dawlabani explores an evolving, growing, & maturing of values systems, leading us to a better future, in spite of and fueled by the crises we go through. A further adaptation of the Spiral Dynamics theories of Don Beck, Memenomics may well be the lens to light our way forward.

Brahman Shaman/Matt Olson's Song of the Soul

Brahman Shaman/Matt Olson
Brahman Shaman/Matt Olson

Brahman Shaman is Matt Olson and Brahman Shaman is what he's about. Raised Catholic, drawn to the spirituality of the East, led to connect with real-Earth living, Matt searches for answered to his questions through his music.

All the songs in this program are performed by Brahman Shaman, from his CD, Animist:
Great Escape
Spoke of The Wheel
Capture What Alludes You
Nowhere Left To Go
To Educate
Lost At Sea
Ancient Man


Peter Phippen's Song of the Soul

Peter Phippen
Peter Phippen

Peter Phippen started his musical career playing bass in a country western band, making good money, at the age of only 12. His search for the instrument of his soul was fulfilled when he met the bamboo flute 23 years ago. He's a regional icon on the flute, as both a composer and performer. Raised mostly non-religious, Peter considers himself a spiritualist with great affection for the Tao Te Ching.

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