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Simple Aussie Folk

Mandy Breeze
Mandy Breeze

Mandy Breeze and Doug Kelly take traditional folk tunes, mostly, and transform them into vibrant, living stories and culture. With rich, beautiful vocals and creative, engaging instrumentals, you'll discover a love for traditional songs with modern impact.

All the songs in this program are performed by Mandy Breeze & Doug Kelly, and, unless otherwise noted, they are of traditional origins:

The Red Road (to Nashville?)

Bill Miller

Bill Miller is a 3-time Grammy Awards winner, a Mohican Indian from Northern Wisconsin, and a Nashville-based singer-songwritter of incredible & diverse musical talents. He'll be the headliner at LaCrosse, WI's Great River Folk Festival Sunday afternoon concert, August 27, 2017.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Baptist, Catholic, Evangelical Christian, Native American

Citizens Climate Radio with Peterson Toscano

Peterson Toscano
Cathy Orlando
Clara Fang
Piper Christian
Joanna Huxster
Madeleine Para
Lilace Mellin Guignard

Peterson Toscano of Citizens Climate Radio sits in today as host of Spirit In Action, adding to our Climate Change IQ and giving us reasons for hope and diligence in face of some very compelling needs. As always, Peterson does it with style, creativity, and a generous helping of his brand-name quirky humor & comedy. His guests today include Cathy Orlando, Clara Fang, Piper Christian, Rod Mitchell, Madeleine Para, Lilace Mellin Guignard, and Joanna Huxter.

Brain Rats & A Full Voice

Barbara McAfee
Barbara McAfee

In her mission to model and teach the content, Barbara McAfee has produced 7 CDs plus a book, Full Voice: The Art and Practice of Vocal Presence. She also leads two other groups, The Morning Star Singers and The Flowering Women. Having found the path herself, she is devoted to guiding others to their full potential.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Agnostic, Buddhism, Evangelical Christian, Jewish, Presbyterian

With Tarzan, Jesus, & Jim

Jan Krist
Jan Krist

Jan Krist creates stunning songs of the human condition, sometimes with deep pathos, sometimes with a wry eye, always with superb lyrics and voice. She often takes the stage solo, but also commonly with Jim Bizer, and sometimes with the Yellow Room Gang.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Baptist, Evangelical Christian, Lutheran, Quaker

Scientists Talking About Spirit (Science & Spirituality, Part 2)

Derek Gingerich
Matt Jewell
Doug Matthews

Talks with 3 science profs at UW-EC about their intersection with spirituality. Matt Jewell, Derek Gingerich, and Doug Matthews bring their experience with spirit face-to-face with their knowledge of Materials Science, Biology, and Behavioral Neuroscience, respectively. See the article about the interview linked via the CVPost


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