Punk-Jazz-Haiku Bodywork

Chris Hayden

Let him near a guitar and Ned Brown  transmutes the punk rock of his youth, mixed with ingredients of jazz and word play, into something new for the planet, though most days he's just a mild-mannered, meditating, Tai Chi, bodywork professional with Earth & Sky Bodyworks, Who is the real, who the fakir? A question beyond our pay grade!

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Enchanting Voice for Sustainability

Ashley Mazanec
Ashley Mazanec

Encinitas is home to Ashley Mazanec whose passion for earthcare merits her the title of "A Voice for Sustainability". Living in a tiny house on an urban post-organic farm, attending San Diego 350 actiivities for fun, passionate about water protectors - this only scratches the surface. She runs, yogas, and surfs - and wait 'til you hear her sing in a perfect marriage of art and activism!

Visions of Sustainability

Jeff Knutsen
Jim Olson
Zeus Stark
Visions of Sustainability

We ask 3 sustainable energy professionals about their visions of our future, both technologically and personally, living responsibly on the Earth. We speak with Jeff Knutsen of A-A Exteriors, Jim Olson of E3 Coalition, and Zeus Stark of Next Step Energy. Who and how will we be as we grow into a responsible energy future?

At Whole In the Universe: From Sweden, Brazil, & Nashville

Ida Kristin
Ida Kristin

Ida Kristin's latest release, along with David Llewellyn, is Songs Around the Kitchen Table. Hailing from Sweden, with maternal Brazilian influences, and living part-time in Nashville, Ida leads hearts and souls to stir, ponder, & laugh, even more potently when paired with Welshman David. Inspired by biological science, tried by hardship, and rooted in meditation, Ida sings a powerful song of the soul.

Stout-hearted Peace Studies at the UW

James Handley
Emma Kornack
Shelby Schuppe
James Handley

There's a young Peace Studies program at UW-Stout, where we talk to Senior Lecturer in Peace Studies and Geography,James Handley, a current student, Emma Kornack, and a Peace Studies graduate and Americorps volunteer, Shelby Schuppe. What does the program teach, and what changes does it bring about, in students and in the community?

Music Featured:

Light, Learning, Hip-Hop, and the Darkside

Rabbi Darkside
Rabbi Darkside

Rabbi Darkside's website tells us to "Use the force to enter" - enter the world of Hip Hop culture and rap music and alternative ways of connecting the world. Sam Sellers is Rabbi Darkside, a creative, emotive, healing force who was raised Jewish and self-describes as a secular humanist who practices Kum Nye meditation.

Gypsy Bells

Brianna Lea Pruett

Brianna Lea Pruett sends an evocative message through her music and her art. With all kinds of deep musical influences - classical, jazz, rock, pop, and country - Brianna does breathtaking folk (and more). Her lineage includes Cherokee, Choctaw and Chickasaw forebears, but also French and Irish, so she's a rich mix in the very way you might expect. And she lives a deep passion and concern for human life on this planet.


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