2017's Musical Finale

Heidi Kalyani
Laura Joy
Jen Hazen
Alex Mead
Dawud Wharnsby
Elizabeth Erin Kemler

A revisit to 6 powerful performers from the end of 2017, sampling some of the musical styles we heard, including kirtan, pop, folk, rap/hip-hop, and country, and you'll encounter stories and songs from folk like Heidi Kalyani in Nova Scotia, Laura Joy in Chicago, Jen Hazen in Eau Claire instead

Punk-Jazz-Haiku Bodywork

Chris Hayden

Let him near a guitar and Ned Brown  transmutes the punk rock of his youth, mixed with ingredients of jazz and word play, into something new for the planet, though most days he's just a mild-mannered, meditating, Tai Chi, bodywork professional with Earth & Sky Bodyworks, Who is the real, who the fakir? A question beyond our pay grade!

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Enchanting Voice for Sustainability

Ashley Mazanec
Ashley Mazanec

Encinitas is home to Ashley Mazanec whose passion for earthcare merits her the title of "A Voice for Sustainability". Living in a tiny house on an urban post-organic farm, attending San Diego 350 actiivities for fun, passionate about water protectors - this only scratches the surface. She runs, yogas, and surfs - and wait 'til you hear her sing in a perfect marriage of art and activism!

Visions of Sustainability

Jeff Knutsen
Jim Olson
Zeus Stark
Visions of Sustainability

We ask 3 sustainable energy professionals about their visions of our future, both technologically and personally, living responsibly on the Earth. We speak with Jeff Knutsen of A-A Exteriors, Jim Olson of E3 Coalition, and Zeus Stark of Next Step Energy. Who and how will we be as we grow into a responsible energy future?

At Whole In the Universe: From Sweden, Brazil, & Nashville

Ida Kristin
Ida Kristin

Ida Kristin's latest release, along with David Llewellyn, is Songs Around the Kitchen Table. Hailing from Sweden, with maternal Brazilian influences, and living part-time in Nashville, Ida leads hearts and souls to stir, ponder, & laugh, even more potently when paired with Welshman David. Inspired by biological science, tried by hardship, and rooted in meditation, Ida sings a powerful song of the soul.

Stout-hearted Peace Studies at the UW

James Handley
Emma Kornack
Shelby Schuppe
James Handley

There's a young Peace Studies program at UW-Stout, where we talk to Senior Lecturer in Peace Studies and Geography,James Handley, a current student, Emma Kornack, and a Peace Studies graduate and Americorps volunteer, Shelby Schuppe. What does the program teach, and what changes does it bring about, in students and in the community?

Music Featured:


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