Brilliant Non-violence: The Albert Einstein Institution

Jamila Raqib
Jamila Raqib

Jamila Raqib is executive director of The Albert Einstein Institution, the brain-child of Gene Sharp, leading researcher in non-violent action & civilian-based defense. Jamila was a refugee from Afghanistan at age 4, with a keen and innate sense of the power of non-violence to preserve and obtain freedom and justice, at the least cost.

Steadfast Nonviolence on the West Bank - Iyad Burnat

Iyad Burnat
Iyad Burnat

Iyad Burnat is a full-time non-violent activist against the Israeli occupation in Bel'in, in the West Bank. Jailed numerous times, dedicated to the creative act of non-violence, Iyad has 4 children and is currently speaking for 3 months in the USA, sharing first-hand experience of activism. His village has had some success in facing down the expropriation of their land, including at the Israeli High Court.

Islamic Ways of Peace - Afra Jalabi

Afra Jalabi
Afra Jalabi

Afra Jalabi was one of the speakers at Ways of Peace II: Non-violence in the Islamic Tradition. With degrees in anthropology, political science and journalism, and passion for nonviolence, early Islamic history, Quranic exegesis and feminist theory, she's an insightful mind and powerful, compassionate speaker.

This program includes Afra Jalabi's presentation as part of a panel on Theology, Philosophy and History of Non-Violence in Islam and a follow-up phone interview.

Update from Iraq: Sami Rasouli Back in the USA

Sami Rasouli
Sami Rasouli
  Sami Rasouli returned to Iraq after more than 20 years in the USA to rebuild the country and found the Muslim Peacemaker Teams. Combining love of his birthplace in Iraq with love of his home in the Midwest, Sami let's us see the people of both places as "us".  
Music Featured:
Shekhani - Chaldean Folk Dance from Iraq


Religion & Society Exchange - Sahar Taman & Rabbi Jeremy Schneider

Sahar Taman
Rabbi Jeremy Schneider
Religion & Society Exchange

Project of the National Peace Foundation and the Islamic Society of North AmericaReflections and Experiences of Religion and Society includes essays from the participants in the exchange program between Muslims, Jews & Christians between the Middle East & the US Midwest.


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